Translation of Secret Formula started (and discarded work)

Translation work started, a new blog is born and some plans are put in the freezer.

Translation work on Secret Formula has started. Sooner or later, an English version of the “app” will be available. We will be dropping a link when the work is done!

The original plan was to postpone the translation until after developing the iOS and Android version. However, the build process of a Cordova app is far more complicated than I assumed. That’s to say, I can’t get my Mac and Windows machine to play nice so not a lot is happening in that department. Plan B is to figure out how the build process for PhoneGap works. I’ll look into that at some point in the future. Although, given the problems I ran into I am toying with the idea to learn an actual developing language – Swift.

Onto the next cancelled plan. In order to translate the app I looked into JQuery. However, I couldn’t quite get that to work (I’m not a developer, okay?!) so I am postponing that concept until forever. If I *am* going to make the iOS app in Swift, it’s better to spend my time on that instead of learning JQuery as well.

So for now, we are going to work on the simplest solution for the time being. Replacing some strings here, changing some labels there… and an English version should be live soon.

A Dutch Blog

It’s not all about the Queens’ language, though. In my last blog post, I said a Dutch blog might never happen. In the meanwhile I changed my mind and added a blog section to the Dutch part of the website. That’s where I’ll be sharing Dutch general news and specific news about Dutch projects or changes.

That’s it for now. See you soon when our app goes live!


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