Three new tech platforms in development

Today, we have set the first step in the development of three new blog platforms. In the past decade, we made the decision to funnel all our tech content through a single platform, Joomla & More. That approach was a practical choice, but due to the platform the growth of this website was limited. Another factor limiting growth was the domain name that we’d attached to the project. As time progressed, we started to cover the Joomla CMS less and less. The domain name also made branding the project difficult.

We are now choosing a different approach. After evaluation the sorts of content that we’ve mostly covered and plan to write in the future, two topics stood out the most. The first one is content targeting “Power Users”. The other content mostly targeted people building their own websites.

There is obviously an overlap between those two groups. It’s safe to assume that people managing websites have an above average knowledge of computers. On the other hand, not every power user will be interested in reading about websites.That makes it harder to “market” the website and to attract recurring visitors. This is something that we hope to solve by splitting the content into two platforms. Our initial plan is to also provide video content for both platforms, through JandMoreTV.

A third tech channel

But wait, there’s more. Until now, our content focused on users with above-average knowledge of computers. We always tried to make tutorials as simple as possible to follow, but there were certain expectations of our readers. These expectations also meant that some topics simply weren’t covered at all because we didn’t want to bother our audience with articles on topics like “setting up your e-mail”. If you are trying to fix a specific website error or do something in Windows, that is not something you need help with.

The truth is, however, that there are plenty of people that still need help with computers. With our new blog, we’re going to try and help these users. We’ll be covering topics that might be “too basic” for average users, but the challenge is all ours. How can we make these topics as understandable as possible? And how can we reach this audience, of which some members don’t even know what a Google Search is? We’re excited to tackle this problem while trying to serve a new group of potential users.

Joomla and More’s future

So that leaves us with a final decision on what to do with Joomla & More. We have little complaints when it comes to traffic, but we feel that we are not getting enough value out of the platform. Part of what frustrates us is that we’re paying extra in order to enable ads. However, these ads are of such low value that we feel like we are losing money when compared to what our own solution would generate. So we’re spending more money on a platform that limits our freedom, to make less money than we potentially could.

There are no plans to move the existing content to another platform. As it currently stands, we’ll be setting up the new blog channels side by side with Joomla & More and cut costs on the platform.


We are excited to start development on three new potential blog platforms, where we’ll get to talk about tech to advanced users and beginners.


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