Secret Formula Update: One Step Closer to mobile apps!

Great news, mobile phone owners. Progress was made today towards building ‘Secret Formula’ apps for Android, Windows and iOS. I finally bit the bullet and prepped the code to go through the Cordova mill and manage to build something that’s usable on Android and Windows.

However, immediately after testing the app I realized were made. Our apps don’t like how we handle the styling of the app. We already fixed that locally and now it’s all a matter of pushing the code back to the server.

iPhone users will have to have a little more patience. While building the app, I realized that I can’t build the app for iOS just yet because I need some Apple Stuff to sign the app. It means I’ll have to make a small financial investment to deliver the iOS app to your tablet(s).

On a positive note, I have been studying programming (specifically API’s and Web Services) and I’ve picked some new skills that’ll come in handy. I can’t build an API if my life depends on it, but at least now I understand how apps work. I can read and make an XML file! I dont’ get confused when I see a JSON file! I know what REST applications are.

The applications for ‘Secret Formula’ aren’t immediately there. I did, however, manage to write an XML file allowing me to name my app after building it, haha. That’s something stupidly simple that I can finally do. Progress, people. Progress!

I am striving to have the Android and Windows build ready later this week. For the iOS app, I can’t make any promises. It all depends on pulling the trigger on that Apple Developer License. €99 isn’t nothing when Toralko has only been losing money for years!



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