Secret Formula March ’18 Update

A new formula has been added and steps have been made towards an iOS and Android versions.

Hey all,

We are back with a new update for which it took longer to write the blog post than the actual code! That’s not entirely true, but I always feel awkward when writing about projects because I think nobody will actually care so I’m writing forced intro’s to get started!

I got back to updating the “app” this week. A new formula has been added which will let you calculate the fuel cost for a car trip. It’s available in two versions: You can use liters per 100 km or you can use MPG (miles per gallon) to calculate the cost. Oh, the things I do for my imaginary U.S based users.

The true reason of the update, however, was because I wanted to get into iOS development. I am currently looking at ways to turn the web app into an iOS and Android application and I am half way there.

To prepare the code for it’s future app-like self I have tweaked the code a little bit so that everything the app needs (mostly CSS) is contained in the app itself. Using external sources would’ve probably worked but I don’t want to assume that users have got access to the internet when using the app.

Yes, I could have just learned how to build native apps. No, I’m not going to do that right now.

While doing so I have gotten some experience with Visual Studio Code and Visual Studio 2017. There’s still way too much features for me in either / both but they have made my work (a little bit) easier. Since my projects are all about “Learning experiences”, that’s great.

Website Page is now live

I also finally got to updating the Toralko website with the Secret Formula page. During that process I realized I had no real home page. Whoops. Fixed that while I was adding the Secret Formula pages.

What’s next

The next step is trying to make a build for iOS and Android. The process should be fairly straight forward, but it’ll also decide whether I’ll actually make work of a “real app”. Currently I don’t feel like spending €99 on an Apple Developer License for an app that maybe three people would actually use. I did learn some lessons from my wasteful past, you know!

In other Toralko News

I am taking down the old website in favour of and will be redirecting the domain soonish. I am also going to be adding an SSL certificate to this blog. It told me just minutes ago how naked and vulnerable it feels. If this blog crashes shortly after this blog post, that’s probably the cause.

Oh, and I’m finally going to get to adding that “Blog” link to the Toralko Website. Which begs the question… Dutch blog when? Probably never, question asker. Probably never.


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