Secret Formula 2.0 Now Online

Secret Formula is my “web app” that helps you to calculate things on the go.

Yesterday, we launched a new version of “Secret Formula”, a web app that helps people calculate things on the go. The site offers different “formulas”, which are – or should be – easy to use. For now, it offers the option to calculate a sales price after taxes, how much you’re saving (and paying) with a discount, and it also has an option to find out which product offer is *really* the cheapest by breaking it down to a price per unit.

The app is lightweight and built for mobile devices. It’s been coded in HTML and Javascript, and just a hint of Bootstrap and Font Icon. This makes Secret Formula lightning fast!

2.0 is a vast upgrade from 1.0, which was written using the CGI-bin feature and Python. While the same end goal was achieved, I was told that using CGI-bin isn’t the brightest of ideas.

The “web app” now also comes with a “menu” and calculations are done of the same page, making sure that the end user doesn’t have to scratch his head – the previous test user only had a link to one of the calculations. It’s also got a simply, but shiny iOS icon when aded to the home page!

There’s still a lot of work to do. For example, the app is only available in Dutch. That’ll need to be resolved in a future release!

Speak Dutch? Then you can find the “app” here.

New website

Because of the “launch” of the Secret Formula project, we will be giving our website a make-over. Our website is currently a static Kirby site, because we had virtually “parked” the domain name and the Toralko label itself (*).  We will be rebuilding the website to give us more room to add projects and try things.  If time permits it, it’ll be multilangual and offer all sorts of cool bells and whistles you’d expect of a real website.

(*) and the Toralko label itself:  Toralko is a label for a bunch of small cool projects, from blogs to small development projects. Back in the days I thought It’d be cool to organize them under a “company like” umbrella. Yeah.


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