Revisiting Toralkodocs

We’re currently planning to build a new version of Toralkodocs. If you don’t remember Toralkodocs 1.0, worry not. It was a platform for Joomla documentation which never took off – because we launched it right at the moment when we started to churn out fewer Joomla documentation. It was an unfortunate coincidence.

In the past few weeks, however, we noticed that we were lacking a method to store and save documentation for future use. Quite a lot of documentation is written by us, and not everything is worthy of a blog post (and not everything fits in with Joomla & More). That’s why we’re revisiting the idea of Toralkodocs. Instead of focusing on a paid platform for Joomla documentation, we’re playing on the idea of a more “diverse” platform.

Now, when we say platform, don’t get exited. It’ll likely be built around Joomla and a few components. The end goal is to be able to share documentation in an easy way, when it gets written.

This time around we won’t be holding a “founders” round as we think we disappointed the people who initially pledged to fund our startup. Instead, we’ll be working on a solution to host the project ourself. We also won’t be making big announcement. Instead, we’ll launch the project and add features as we go, advertising e-books and documentation as they’re added.

Here’s to Toralkodocs 2.0!


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