New Projects Coming Soon

Great news for anyone following this blog and craving more content and just apologies for the lack of content:

I am working on three new projects which will be launched later this year.

Although I call myself a “blogger” in my social media bio’s, the truth is that I don’t really do that much actual blogging. The reason? I can’t really come up with things to write about. At least, nothing that excites me enough to write about consistently.

So I said to myself… isn’t there something simpler you can write about than computer problems and how to fix issues on a niche CMS? Well, as it turns out I could think about at least two sorts of “topics” that should give me plenty to write and create videos about.

I can’t really tell you what I will be writing about, since I don’t want to spoil anything and because at least one of the projects will make you think “You’re going to write about what, now?”.

What I can tell you is that I already have the platform figured out. We will be going with vanilla WordPress, using the new Gutenberg editor which is the perfect fit for the sort of content we want to create. The projects are going to be focusing on easily to read content, learning to write for the web and making great pictures and video.

So far, the projects are going well. There are some logistical problems to figure out but overcoming those are what makes it interesting to work on something new.

Since all projects are still very much in the early stages don’t expect me to launch anything in the next few weeks. I am hoping to launch as soon as there is enough decent content (think 10-15 posts) that’s shown in a presentable way. Stay tuned for more information on those projects!


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