A new logo, official brand name for JandMore

When I started the blog “Joomla And More” a few years ago, I was pretty excited after discovering a new CMS. I dove head first into the community, and started blogging about the system. At first, I was focusing on the problems that I experienced and solved. I soon found out that they made for good blog posts as they were picked up by people pretty fast.

What followed made sense back then. I registered a domain name for the blog. I named it Joomla and More. I didn’t foresee that it would lead to problems with the trademark team or OSM. Neither did I believe that I’d ever lose interest in Joomla to the point where I would start disliking that name.

To be honest, I still like Joomla and use it for some protects. It just makes for a horrible name for a website. It more or less covers the content on the blog: there’s posts about Joomla on there, and more. As in, posts on anything that isn’t Joomla.

For a while that wasn’t a problem as Joomla was my “everything” and 90% of the posts I covered were about Joomla. But that number decreased along with my engagement with the Joomla community.

To cut to the chase, I have been wanting to do other things with the blog for a long time. Statistics tell me that, while some Joomla posts are still doing strong, historically people have been coming for other articles. People are strongly interested in blog posts that can help them get things done. That’s been a constant factor.

A “brand” overhaul was overdue!

I have semi-officially been using JandMore instead of Joomla And More for a while now. JandMoreTV is the name of the Youtube channel – which features mostly videos about Joomla – and I’ve held a JandMore Twitter handle for a long time.

The name isn’t perfect, but it’s a nod to the past of the blog where Joomla was front and center. At the same time, it doesn’t explicitely say Joomla, which is important if the blog is ever to fully expand.

To build upon and around that brand, I’ve created a logo for JandMore. It’s nothing special. I am not going to be posting design studies and examples here. It’s basically a J and an ampersand in a square logo.

I’m aware that 99% of the visitors of JandMore come to have a problems fixed. They couldn’t care less about the name. Which allows me to stealthily “change” the brand name without anyone noticing. The odds that someone is reading this and thinks “That explains the name of the blog…” are rather slim.

I am mostly writing this blog post for myself, so I can mentally move the blog into the new old direction. The original direction of the blog, where JandMore is a tech blog that covers more than just Joomla. JandMore is and has always been a blog where I dump anything tech related. I am hoping to do more of that in the future, in a more structured way. The new brand name and the new (admittedly simple and not very inspired) logo is a step in the right direction.

TL;DR Joomla-and-more shall now be known as JandMore and has a matching logo, because we want to do more than “just Joomla” again.


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