It’s time for a change. Toralko is becoming StrixLabs

Writing this blog post feels silly. I’m about to write a blog post where I announce a name change of something nobody ever heard of because it only exists in my OneNote notebooks, and in some corners of the internets where it has been collecting dust for about ten years. All the same, I am writing this blog post because I made a todo item for it and because I want to get it off my chest, so that I can move on myself.

Let’s call it a situation where I write about it to make it real.

For more than ten years I have been doing most of my “work” online under a single umbrella, called “Toralko”.  I like to (over)organize things and part of that is having one big box to put my projects, blogs and ideas in. I guess I hoped it would add a dash of professionalism to everything I did. It also helped me answer the “Company name” question that some websites ask when you register. You don’t have to have a company, but you’ve got to answer something in the field. That kind of deal.

I’ve been unhappy with the name “Toralko” for a long time, and that peaked last year. The reason is the backstory of the name. Basically, it was supposed to be the name a group of people used for online projects. Then these other people decided they didn’t want to collaborate. I just decided to start using the name anyway, bought domains and setup blogs and social media accounts…

After events of last year, I decided that the Toralko project was officially dead. Not that it’s ever been really active or alive. But at least that’s my responsibility, and something I can live with.

A new name

I have been on the lookout for a new name for a few years, but I can never agree with myself on something. I would buy domain names and then decide they were a good choice… for a specific purpose. They’d make a really good name for a development studio, but I didn’t think it was a good name for E.G a tech blog or whatever else I would come up with.

I was <—–> this close to finally choosing a name. It had a meaning (and thus a background story), it was as far from Toralko as you could possibly imagine, I bought the domain… But then I decided it would be a better fit for another purpose. On top of that, it didn’t quite pass the limited audience test, who all gave it a “What the hell is that” rating. Yeah, ’cause “Toralko” is so clear in it’s purpose.

When the corona-crisis started I wanted a fresh start. For the 19461th time I decided I need to do better and do more to express myself. But I couldn’t get started until I finally resolved the naming issue that’s been bugging me for years.

I could pretend that I hired marketing companies to find the perfect name. But that wouldn’t be true. I mostly just wanted to get it over with. So I googled the Latin name of my favorite animal, the snowy owl, borrowed the name of that family of owls and added “LABS” to it. Because that’s what this “project” is: it’s mostly a test lab for ideas and technologies and platforms.

And that’s how StrixLabs was born. Make a note of that, and maybe you’ll be able to amaze your friends in ten years with this interesting trivia. “Did you know there’s this website nobody heard of, named StrixLabs? It’s named after owls. Owls, I tell you. I read it on the internet.

Transitioning process

In the next few weeks I’ll start moving everything over from Toralko to StrixLabs. That’s to say, I’ll be changing the domain name (and the name) for this blog and the website. From there on I will be gradually rolling out changes as I work on related projects.

As far as social media goes, I’ll mostly just be renaming existing accounts or replacing them if needed. No need to worry there as there are no followers that would notice the difference. Haha!  It’s not like there is any time pressure or brand damage to avoid. It will be liberating, however, to be able to change the branding on every “old” site and move in a new direction.


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