A New Year, A New Name For Toralko?

Hey everyone,

People universally agree on the fact that names are important. That’s why some companies spend a lot of money on finding that perfect product name, or why people give their children “powerful” and “strong” names with a “meaning.”

If you’d ask me, I would probably agree. And in some universe where this blog was relevant to people’s lives, someone would then ask me “So, Steven, what does Toralko stand for.” And I’d stand there, staring at them. What would be less weird, telling them the actual meaning behind the name or the meaning that I gave to it later on to justify that I kept using the name? Or perhaps I should just make something up. “Oh, yeah, it’s Finnish for “super awesome company doing cool things. Those silly Finnish people.”

Truth be told I always say that names don’t matter because that is what I want to be true. Fingers crossed that people don’t care that Joomla and More is not really talking about Joomla that much. Here’s to hoping that people don’t want to know what Toralko in all those domains stands for. And here’s to picking the first name I can think of for a new idea I will never work on.

But today, my children, I found a new “name” which I might want to use in the future. And yes, I immediately bought six associated domain names so I can link them to a placeholder site.

On a serious note, though, I found a name that’s pretty cool. It is the origin of my family name – which is a pretty unique last name on itself (note to me: buy that domain name). But it also means something. It’s Celtic / Germanic for victory-lord. Or, in modern English, a Warlord who is victorious.

Don’t get the wrong idea. I am not going to wage war with anyone. Those days are beyond me. But the meaning of the name resonated with me. It breathes confidence, success, determination and getting things done. Those are not qualities that I currently possess. But my goal for 2019 is to work on those qualities so I can grow as a person. Perhaps I’ll manage to live up to that name in the near future, when I manage to actually launch projects and maintain them.  When I manage to set goals and reach them. Hopefully the domain name will inspire me to do better.

And if that doesn’t happen, I will look at my domain name portfolio next January, be confused why I registered “sigiharja” (for Sigi-Harja, Germanic for Victory-Lord) and just cancel the domain names.

Here’s to a better, interesting, 2019 full of victories.


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