A new home

This week, we’ve made a new start at Toralko. After procrastinating for 5,5 years of Toralko’s existence (the other 6 months were spent on Joomla & More), we decided to throw some of the old junk out for a fresh start.

Unfortunately, that meant our old website had to go. It was built with Joomla 1.5 in age when that was still a wise thing to do (Just because Installatron lets you, doesn’t mean you should), half the projects had been cancelled by now, and the last update was made last year. It was a blog post, trying to explain a lack of updates. Ouch.

Anyway, considering the Toralko website isn’t something we spent a lot of time on, we decided it was time to move from a “real” CMS to something a bit simpler. Six years have taught me a lot, but “not being impulsive” isn’t one of them.

So, after one hour of development and though decisions, I proudly present to you: toralko.net running on Kirby CMS.

Okay, we did think about this

I’ll admit it, I didn’t just pick a random CMS and say “Okay, this will do.” For over two years I’ve been considering to move to a simpler CMS and Kirby ticks all the boxes. It meets the not-so-impressive list of requirements for the website:

  1. Be able to create pages
  2. Some customization
  3. Display text inside people’s browser
  4. No fuzz in setting the thing up.

Kirby CMS checks all those boxes, so now I’ll be thinking about a pink Nintendo character when I’m updating my site. Note to me: Site built in Kirby. Remember this when you update the site for the first time, in 2015.


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